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Contact & FAQs

If you run into any issues, there are serveral ways to contact us. The easiest way is to send an email to [email protected]

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How much does Simmate cost?

Simmate is completely free. If you decide to download and host your own server, your team may want to use a cloud provider like DigitalOcean. These extra cloud-hosting features are 100% optional because every component for Simmate is built on free and open-source software.


License & Copyright

Simmate is open-sourced under the BSD-3 License. This permits commercial use, modification, distribution, and private use - but still has limitations. Read the specifics here.


How do I sumbit my own workflows?

The easiest way is to download and run Simmate on your own computer. Because our team consists of a single lab, our computational resources are limited and can't be shared at this time -- meaning submissions through our website won't run unless we manually approve them.


Can I request a new feature?

Yes, please send suggestions! Send us an email or make a post on Github. Any feedback is welcome, and we'll do our best to prioritize new components.